Februar 05, 2013

The last Time in Insta Insta.

Uni Outfit // Outfit for Party Time // Leather Jackets in Winter - Yep!

My lovely DIY Studded Sneakers // Lazy Outfit // Jummie Dinner - Vegetables and Salad

Want them SO much! // The Best Things while Working // Outfit with my fav Zara Shirt

Birthday Cake for my Boy // GLOSSYBOX arrived // Lets get fit and go to the gym!

FOODPORN: Protein Mugcake with some Vegetables, Fruits and Yoghurt // Fruits with some Nuts // Protein Chocolate Cookies

My favourite Place: MY BED // Powerlearning Smoothie // Follow my Brother and his awesome Tattoos : @shoeboxflo

SUN in Munich, OMG! // My lovely new Ear Phones // Carnival Time! Being a Cosmos Girl

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